Are you looking to build a new house, or renovate an existing home? If you want to achieve outstanding results with your building project and avoid unwanted headaches, then we are the people you’re looking for.

Introducing PM&R

No doubt, you have heard horror stories about building and renovation work that hasn’t run to plan. It needn’t be that way. In fact, every part of our process at PM&R is about making your building project a completely stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Our considerable Construction and Project Management expertise ensure that all of the components in the construction process – from inception to completion and from design through to construction – come together perfectly and on time.

In relation to both Construction and Project Management, we will communicate with you openly and fully at all times. We believe that in addition to the technical requirements of construction, great people skills are also vital to a successful outcome of a project.

Please take your time to browse at the various sections of this website. You’ll soon see that we are committed to excellence in all aspects of the building process – including customer service.

Our Clients Say

You have heard of all of the horror stories, it shouldnt be that way. You should enjoy the process:

The work commenced and finished on time and the project has been a great success David & Felicity Doolan

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"We even remembered to laugh and enjoy the process"
Colin & Roe

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