"Without doubt we can highly recommend PM&R for your period home renovation and would have no hesitation engaging them for our next construction challenge."

David & Felicity

What our clients say

Lesleigh McDougall and Rodney Shah

We would absolutely recommend PM&R constructions. Our priorities when choosing a builder were the quality of work, quality of materials, flexibility in approach and someone who would do everything for us.

We know nothing about building and so we needed a building company who could interpret our architect's plans, the engineering design and the mess that is planning permits.

Both Adam and Phil have been great to work with. All we have had to do was choose fittings and take photos of the building progress.

We came in on time and the only reason we went over budget is because we kept asking them to do more work.

We didn't have the hugest budget but we never at any time felt as if ours was a minor job.

Lesleigh McDougall and Rodney Shah

Heather and Alister Danks

Dear Phillip,

21 December 2009 155 Victoria Road, Hawthorn East What a fabulous transformation. Thank you so much for a terrific job renovating our much loved home, or ..... soon to be 'home'. We are extremely grateful to you for all the terrific contacts you have in the industry, and have particularly enjoyed workingwithJustin at Urban Edge, and also reallyvaluedJan's expertise at Wall TWall. We have been greatly inspired by Norm's collection at Antique Lighting, so will no doubt be back there someday. We appreciate all the time you have taken to chaperone us to lighting shops, door stores, bathroom showrooms and joiners, and more. It has made the whole selection process enjoyable to have your expert assistance. The choices have seemed easy. It really was all quite good fun.

Working from afar has not been without its challenges, but you have done a terrific job keeping us supplied with internet links to view products, and with photos and e-mail updates. Thank you for your patience and diligent follow up of our queries. We have already labelled the tiles in the ensuite, 'those bloody tiles', the 4th/5th bedroom windows will always be a good story, and we'll remember to try 'Vogue' Joinery next time!!

The quality of the end product looks terrific, and we can't wait to come back and live in it at the end of 2010. It gives us something to really look forward to when we return to Melbourne. We hope PM&R will be able to assist us with our future projects.

Our very best wishes to you and Sally for a very Happy Christmas and safe holiday. No doubt the 'eager participant' and his siblings eagerly await the 25th. Trust you all have a great time.

Best regards,
Heather and Alister Danks

Dear Adam,

You are a master of'the quality product'. Thanks so much for all your great work producing a sensational house for us. We have felt extremely comfortable leaving the country, knowing that we have your expertise on the job and we have not been disappointed. The result looks fantastic, and we are really looking forward to coming back to live in it at the end of 2010.

Trust you haven't missed having a client to bug you every second day on the job ... well, I guess you still have Phillip! We have been a little sorry not to be there to view the progress more regularly, and to check out your great skills, but hope we may have the odd project in the future that you guys can help us out with.

Trust you have a very Happy Christmas and our best wishes for a prosperous 2010

Best regards,
Heather and Alister Danks


Dear Phil & Adam

Well it's nearly over and the house looks fantastic. It has been great working with you, a very enjoyable experience (although at times I am sure you would not agree). Over all I think the job has gone very smoothly. Your team is terrific, particularly Rob, Sam and his Crew, Tony and Peter & Anthony. Thanks for all your hard work and the time you put in with me designing and redesigning stuff. All in all I think we will really enjoy living in our 'new' home.

Thanks again
Best Wishes
Danielle, David, Jason & Cameron

DOOLAN David & Felicity

We engaged PM&R Constructions to restore and extend our c1880 Victorian period home in Hawthorn. Extensive work was undertaken, with construction time estimated at around 10 months. The work commenced and finished on time and the project has been a great success.

Once the proposed architectural work had been completed, PM&R were successful in our competitive tender process also assisting in driving cost out of the project. We incurred a number of variations during construction, some resulting from additional work discovered along the way, some resulting from changes requested by us and others resulting from insufficient definition during the design & tender process. The latter being unavoidable as, at the time of contract signing, amounts inserted in the contract were insufficient to cover the eventual value of work completed.

Phil & Adam compliment each other, working closely as a team but in separate parts of the process. Adam provided the technical construction knowledge and site supervision while Phil undertook project management, costing and administration. We felt that PM&R truly partnered us in bringing our renovation to life. It was a collaborative effort at all stages with both Phil & Adam providing guidance and much needed counsel. They also brought a light hearted approach to the job which was most welcome given the constant and tiring decision making required throughout the project.

Both Phil & Adam were always responsive and patient when explaining technical construction issues to us, regardless of our level of understanding. They made recommendations during the project which we adopted, against our initial thoughts, and proved worthy enhancements to our home. They actively problem solved and developed a trust which ensured the outcome of our project was not compromised in any way.

Without doubt we can highly recommend PM&R Constructions for your period home renovation and would have no hesitation engaging them for our next construction challenge.

David & Felicity Doolan


Dear Phil and Adam

We can't thank you enough for the great job you guys have done!!

We appreciate enormously the fact that you were able to start the work for us on such short notice, and the trouble you've gone to, to make sure we could also finish on time!

We especially want to thank you Phil for all the extra time, ideas and effort you've put in, that have made these renovations even greater than we'd first expected.

We will be recommending you to absolutely everyone, and look forward to using you again in our next house/project!

Best Regards
Yvonne & Daniel Wise


Dear Phil and Adam

Another project together, and another heartfelt appreciation and thanks to you for delivering an amazing result! We very much appreciate the timeline constraints that were managed perfectly and enabled us to have a fantastic party!

Best Wishes
Yvonne & Daniel Wise

Colin & Roe

PM&R Constructions came recommended to us. A member of our family had previously employed them on a small project. We were impressed by their work and wanted some advice on a "small renovation".

Over a process of some 4 months the project grew into a total renovation. Now some 6 months after completion, we are simply delighted with the results.

It took precisely as long as was estimated and the timetable was largely adhered to. Phil and Adam were invaluable in their experience, suggestions, and advice on various aspects of the project. The quality of the people employed/contracted by them was at the highest level. Weekly site meetings and proper lines of communication meant that nothing was missed. We even remembered to laugh and enjoy the process.

We would recommend Phil Murdoch and Adam Robertson at PMR Constructions to anyone who wants a team of caring and responsible builders.

It was a pleasure to work with them. We wish them continued success in the future.

Yours faithfully
Roe & Colin