We are the perfect
solution if you want a
"one-stop-shop" that
takes responsibility for
your entire project –
from project feasibility,
to design development, documentation and construction.

What We do

As our client, PM&R will act solely as your agent providing one simple channel for the various facets of the building process. We can build and manage every aspect of:

  • Architect designed projects
  • Period and contemporary renovations
  • Bathroom and kitchen design and construction

PM&R can also manage all facets of the building fabric:

  • Masonry, steel frame, concrete, lightweight construction
  • Basements
  • Airconditioning, hydronic heating, floor heating, fireplaces
  • Appliances, fixtures, fittings
  • Audio visual, security, ducted vacuum, structured cabling
  • Landscaping and irrigation
  • Swimming pools, Underground tanks
  • Stairs, balustrades
  • Joinery, soft furnishings, carpet and furniture
  • Feature paint effects

How We do it

Our starting point is always that you, as our client, want both a well built and well managed solution. Hence, our Construction and Project Management activities are all about achieving one thing: a perfectly coordinated approach. This is an important difference between us and other Builders.

Right from the beginning of your project we will integrate Construction and Project Management to make sure that all work is carried out in an efficient and streamlined process. We have an experienced pool of sub-contractors, tradespeople and suppliers that we then engage depending on the particular requirements of the job.

Please refer to our Partners page of this website.


PM&R can introduce you to Architects that we work with and for. Alternatively, we are more than happy to work with the Architect of your choice.


PM&R will gladly compete in a tender environment as we are confident that we are more efficient and consequently more cost competitive than our rivals.


We can provide you with a thorough costing at the design stage of your project. PM&R will budget on sketch plans with an outline specification. The contract price is built up from relevant trade prices until a price is arrived at that fits within the project’s budget and the fixed overhead and profit margin applied.

Why choose Us

With PM&R you will receive not only a superb job in terms of workmanship, but there are potential cost savings as well. This is because we are able to provide a superior level of administrative support when compared to our competitors.

Why people like working with us

We believe that people like working with PM&R Constructions for the following reasons:

  • We advise and liaise with all parties to ensure the cost implications comply with the spirit and intent of the project.
  • The company who builds the project is a forethought rather than an after thought
  • Your project is practically considered - as well as in theoretical design terms
  • Costly mistakes are avoided because we take responsibility for cost control
  • You deal directly with the Directors of the Company
  • The project professionally organized and completed on time
  • The building site remains maintained, orderly and clean
  • The process is friendly and enjoyable
  • All of those involved are polite and respectful

Our Clients Say

The work commenced and finished on time and the project has been a great success David & Felicity Doolan

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