Phillip Murdoch

Adam Robertson

Rob and Justin

The Directors

Phillip Murdoch

Coming from an Architectural background, Phillip is an experienced Project Manager with 10 years as a Construction Project Manager with McDonald’s Restaurants and 6 years as Director of his own Project Management Consultancy. He works as the Project Manager and Administrator on all projects.

Adam Robertson

With a background in carpentry, Adam completed his apprenticeship in 1990 and has been demonstrating his considerable building expertise since. He works as the Construction Manager and Tradesman on all projects.

Having worked with each other for over 6 years in their separate disciplines Phillip and Adam formed their company in 2004.

Combined between them, Phillip and Adam bring 60 years of solid experience in the building industry with them.

The Employees

Robert Blake (Site Manager)

Rob is a Carpenter and a multi-skilled Tradesman who delivers outstanding results and has worked with Adam before PM&R was formed.

Justin Vitez (Qualified Carpenter)

Who has been with us since 2007 and completed his apprenticeship with us.

Agi Berard (Book Keeper)

Agi keeps the books in order, and has been balancing the accounts with Phillip before PM&R was formed.

Ricky Yob (Labourer)

Who has been with us since 2009 and is now doing his mature aged apprenticeship to become a qualified carpenter.

Trent Robertson (Qualified Carpenter)

Who has been with us since 2010 and completed his apprenticeship with us

Lucas MacKenzie (Qualified Carpenter)

Who has been with us since 2014


Our business is as good as the people it employs and engages. Please refer to our Partners page to view those Companies that we are proud to be associated with.

Our Clients Say

You have heard of all of the horror stories it shouldnt be that way. You should enjoy the process:

Made these renovations even greater than wed first expected Yvonne & Daniel Wise

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The work commenced and finished on time and the project has been a great success David & Felicity Doolan

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